TexJet Inks: How to swap from the current TIP Ink set to the new TIP A Ink set

A guide on how to install the new TexJet Inks (TIP A) for the Echo 2 and the steps you will need to follow to correctly complete the Tip Conversion for your Echo 2.

TIP A TexJet Inks are PolyPrint's new official ink solution. They are specifically formulated to optimise the performance of the whole range of TexJet printer models. Some of the benefits of the new formulation includes:-

  • Reduced cost of ink resulting in lower cost per prints
  • Lower fixation times, 60 seconds for dark garments and 40 seconds on light garments
  • Superior white coverage providing a more vibrant print
  • Enhanced stretchability and improved feel of hand
  • Extended colour gamut resulting in higher colour accuracy


Products required to complete the conversion process

  • 9 new refillable cartridges
  • A full set of inks

Introducing the new Tip A TexJet Inks into the ink flow route

  • An Ink charge is the process of filling the printer's ink flow route - from the cartridges into the tubes, dampers and finally to the printhead.  
  • Make sure that you have the correct driver installed for your printer prior to completing the cleaner charge and ink charge.

    Before completing the ink charge, make sure your maintenance tank is empty and reset, so there is no risk of spillage and bringing the tank close to the end of its maintenance life.

    1. Ensure the maintenance of the capping station, wiper blade and around the print head has been completed sufficiently. Follow the instructions here.
    2. Fill the new refillable cartridges with the TIP A inks
    3. Place the cartridges that contain the TIP A Inks into the corresponding slots in the printer.
    4. Power on the printer as usual, following the instructions on the Platen Control Panel and proceeding with the messages on the Printhead Control Panel. 
    5. Make sure that the printer is at "READY TO PRINT" state.
    6. Connect your printer via USB to your PC or laptop.
    7. Open the Adjustment Program in the Echo 2 Files folder on your desktop.
    8. Perform an ink charge from the Adjustment Program
    9. After the ink charge is complete, perform a nozzle check to see if all nozzles are present.
    10. If the nozzle check comes out poor, perform an additional head cleaning. 
    11. Update Digital Factory with the latest driver to get the latest colour profiles. As the new ink configuration contains a new ink formulation, you must setup the new colour profiles in Digital Factory before printing. This will ensure that you achieve accurate colour reproduction.

    The TIP Conversion will then be complete, and you can proceed with production.
    Moving forward you will need to use the TIP Ink Cleaning solution alongside the TIP A Inks.

    If you need assistance completing the TIP Conversion process or updating Digital Factory, please request assistance from the Amaya support team.

    • Once you have converted you can register on the PolyPrint portal to receive your free set of inks.

    Please note the promotion of the free set of inks is valid until 30th September 2024

    Video Instructions