TexJet Echo 2 Periodic Maintenance

How to properly complete the Periodic Maintenance. A step-by-step guide that will help you perform the Periodic Maintenance with ease.

How to properly complete the Refillable Ink Cartridge filling procedure. A step-by-step guide that will help you Refill your ink cartridges with ease, when the ink level is low.



  • Shake the Ink Bottles that the Inks are going to be decanted from for 1 minute each. Shaking of ink bottle for refillable cartridge
  1. Open the ink cover
  2. Lightly pinch the Rubber Bung until you hear a soft hissing, this will only last a few seconds.
  3. Remove the cartridge from the housing.
  4. Remove the Rubber Bung from each cartridge.
  5. Use a funnel to fill each cartridge with its respective ink. Making sure not to exceed the max indication level found at the side of the cartridge. Refillable-Cartridge-filling-process-1
  6. Reinsert the Rubber Bungs into each cartridge.
  7. Place each cartridge back in to it's respective slot, make sure that the cartridge is properly gripped by pushing the cartridge from the front until you hear a click. correct slots not blurry-1
  8. Close the Ink Cartridge cover. Closing cover
  • Long inactivity maintenance 

Long Inactivity Maintenance should be performed if printer will remain idle for more than a month.


  1. Complete the Daily Maintenance Procedure.
  2. Use a fresh set of cartridges and load them with cleaning solution.
  3. Perform two ink charges from the adjustment program (USB connection Required).
  4. Turn off the Printer.
    • Replacing the Maintenance tank Maintenance tank needs to be reset-1

Maintenance Cartridge Chip Levels should always be more than 50%. If it gets below 20%, a message that the “maintenance cartridge is at the end of its service life” will be displayed, and the cartridge cannot be reset. Replace the cartridge. 


  1. Open and close the Ink cartridge cover.
  2. Insert the new Maintenance cartridge.
  3. Open and close the Ink cartridge cover once again.