When sending a print command to the Texjet ECHO/MORE printer the print head moves like it is printing but no ink sprays out?

The printer needs head cleaning. Do head cleaning and printing nozzle checks until a decent nozzle check is achieved. Perform a powerful cleaning circle and check if a decent nozzle check is achieved. If not, see Print head clogging problems. The dampers are faulty or exceeded their period of time. Order replacement dampers Please contact service personnel. Capping Station Clogged. The capping station may need cleaning. If the printing head did not seat properly, all of the print heads could be clogged. Please contact service personnel. Ink is not flowing from the Cartridge. The Print Head move like it is printing but no ink sprays out. This is caused by a vacuum is being created in the Cartridge. Remove the cartridges and clean it, or order a cartridge replacement. Please contact service personnel. Ribbon cable to the print head is burnt or not connected. This can happen if you replaced a print head and did not make sure the cable was attached properly. Please contact service personnel. Main Board is bad. There is a chance the mainboard in the printer is bad. The board could have a defect. Please contact service personnel.