TexJet Echo 2 Ink Maintenance

How to properly maintain Inks. A step-by-step guide that will help you achieve consistent quality and performance.

  1. Make sure you are adhering to the expiry dates of the ink to prevent clogging of the printhead or ink system. Check on a regular basis.
  2. Make sure you are regulating the environmental conditions. Check at the Beginning of Production, and throughout the day.
  3. Make sure that the inks in the printer are being agitated on a daily basis for about 1-2 minutes, to prevent sediment build up or separation of the ink.
  4. Make sure that the ink containers/ bottle that are being used to top up refillable cartridges/ back stock of sealed cartridges are being agitated weekly, or prior to being placed into the printer.
  5. Make sure the ink is being stored correctly in a clean, dry area with a temperature regulated between 10-40 degrees Celsius as the ink can be sensitive to environmental factors.