TexJet Echo 2 Check Ink Expiry Dates

How to properly check the Ink Expiry Dates.

  • Check ink expiry dates

Adhering to the expiry dates of the ink will prevent clogging of the Printhead and Ink system.

  • For Sealed Cartridges: You can find the expiry date on the side of the cartridge.Sealed cartridges expiry
  • For Refillable Cartridges: You will need to check the bottle that the ink has been decanted from.Expiry date and batch numbers no background
  • All back stock, including any Sealed Cartridges and Bottled Ink to be decanted into Refillable Cartridges must have the expiry dates checked on a regular basis to ensure expired ink is not placed into the printer.
  • Agitate the ink cartridges ensuring any sediment is removed
  • The ink needs to be agitated on a daily basis, to prevent sediment build up and ink seperation.