Pretreater Pro - Consumption computers

How do consumption counters work?

Easily find out your machine's lifespan through your spraying numbers and your liquid quantity consumption of both tanks. Keep track of your production by simply resetting the counters.

The Pretreater Pro machine, no matter the size of your production, allows you to always be informed about its lifespan, meaning you can keep track of every spraying job and the corresponding pretreatment liquid consumption.

Consumption Counters

Polyprint Pretreater Pro Consumption Counters Screen

At the Home screen, in your top right, tap on the Menu button to select the Counters icon. The first row displays the lifetime use of the machine, referring to the number of sprayings and the liquid consumption of both tanks. Second and third rows are resettable, and you can use them to keep track of various jobs.

For example, in a production of 100 dark coloured shirts, a number of 100 spraying jobs must be achieved. If you want to know the exact liquid consumption for this amount, you can always reset each of the two custom options, by pressing the Reset button after your previous job is done, in order to start calculating the new one.