How can I prevent white speckling with B-Paper Pro?

There can be many contributing factors that can cause white speckling in the unprinted area when using Laser Dark and B-Paper Pro.

These can include:

  • If the paper is stored incorrectly excess moisture can get into the paper
  • The temperature the papers are being pressed at is set too high or too low. If the temperature is set too high the glue may not adhere correctly to the toner, and might make the glue stretch when peeling the A and B paper. If the temperature is set too low, the glue might not adhere to the toner evenly.
  • The length of time that the papers are being pressed for.
  • The pressure that is being used to transfer with is too much. Too much pressure will result in lots of speckling.

What does speckling from B-Paper Pro look like?


Steps to prevent speckling

If you are seeing results similar to the photos above, follow the steps below to overcome speckling on transfers:

  • Check that you are storing the B-Paper PRO correctly, ensure that the paper is kept in an air tight bag to reduce the chances of moisture from getting into the paper.
  • Pre-heat the press bed before completing the first couple of prints of the day.
  • Pre-heat the B-Paper Pro to remove any moisture that has made it's way into the paper. This will remove any excess moisture from the paper. You can identify whether the paper is holding excess moisture by placing the paper on to a workspace in front of you.
  • If the paper is curled at the edges it means excess moisture has made it's way into the paper. Place the B-Paper PRO under the heat press for about 30 seconds, without putting the lid down, you should notice the paper flattening out, meaning that the excess moisture has been removed from the paper.
  • Use protection paper when pressing the A and B papers together and when completing the transfer to a garment.
  • Press the A and B paper together at the recommended temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. You may need to test temperatures between 140-155 degrees Celsius based on your equipment.
  • Press the A and B paper together at the recommended pressing time of 90 seconds. You may need to test timings between 90 seconds and 120 seconds based on your equipment to find the best results for the glue to adhere to the toner.
  • Press the A and B paper together at the recommended medium pressure that is equivalent to 3-4 bars of pressure.
  • Adjust the pressure, temperature and time where required, you may find that you need to adjust one of these variables to improve the transfer results.
  • The only variable that should change when pressing the transfer to a garment is the time, press for 30 seconds with the same temperature and pressure used to press the A and B Paper together.