Subli-light (No Cut) Glitter Instructions


For White & Light Coloured Cotton, Polyester, Nylon & More

Print Settings:

  • Image Mode: Mirrored
  • Print Mode: Use the Virtuso Print Manage and the FOREVER profile for printing with SAWGRASS SG400/800.
  • Image Style: Only for full-tone vector graphics. Not suitable for photographs and light colours.

Transfer Process:

  • Preheat your heat press. Make sure that the metal plate underneath the rubber mat is also hot.
  • Place the textile on your lower plate and pre-press it for 5 seconds.
  • Place the transfer paper onto the textile.
  • Press for 20-30 seconds.
  • Remove the transfer paper after 2 seconds. (Never take the T-Shirt off the press before the transfer paper has been peeled off.)
  • For better washability put a sheet of Matt Finish Economy or Glossy Finish with the glossy side face down onto your design and press again for 30 seconds with high pressure.
  • Stretch the t-shirt after removing the silicone paper as long as the shirt is hot. This leads to a softer touch.

Transfer Settings: Heatpress


Automatic Heat Press

Manual Heat Press


3-4 bar/44-58 PSI



170-190°C (338-374°F)

170-190°C (338-374°F)


20-30 Seconds

20-30 Seconds


30 Seconds (high pressure)

30 Seconds (maximum pressure)


  • Up to 30°C (cold wash cycle)


  • When ironing cover the print with baking paper

Before starting mass production, we recommend making transfer and washing test with all materials.

Important advice for double-sided printing on textiles:
T-Shirts for a double-sided print(frontside & backside), have to be put over the lower heat plate. In this case, only one side will be treated with heat and you avoid that the applicated design from the other side will be pressed out again.

If your T-shirt is yellowing, lay a piece of fleece onto it during the transfer process.


  • You must transfer immediately after printing (the longer the time in between printing and pressing, the less would transfer)
  • You cannot print all colours. Please make sure that you are creating and selecting your designs with a high ink amount.