Forever Laser Light (No Cut) recommended settings

This works as a base setting, play around with timings as everyone's physical pressure is different.

In step 4 of the Forever TransferRIP:

  • Fill-up spot up to: 200% coverage (in the transfer RIP)

Heat press and application settings:

  • Heavy pressure on heat press (7-9 bar)
  • 190 degrees
  • 15 second press
  • Rub down with firm pressure for 7 seconds using another t shirt
  • Peel
  • Cure with finishing paper for 15 seconds
  • Let it cool and then peel off the finishing paper

Try this method and watch the videos below to get a better understanding of the process.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos from our channel demonstrating the paper in use. Again, the settings will be a bit different in these as you figure out your own settings that work best for you. These are all essentially guideline.

Video instructions


Tips & Tricks:

  • Place the textile completely flat onto the lower plate. (Please make sure the collar, creases or bumps are NOT on the lower plate. If this is not possible, please slide your textile over the lower plate).
  • If you see a light background around your transfer after the transfer process, reduce the pressure slightly to minimize or eliminate the background completely. If the toner is not transferred completely, increase the pressure slightly to achieve a complete transfer.
  • Because there are so many different heat presses on the market and even heat presses of the same brand can differentiate in the actual heat and pressure applied to the garment. It is essential that you set up your own transfer application parameters on your heat-press. Depending on the heat and the pressure of your heat-press, the transfer time can be between 10 to 15 seconds more.
  • For optimal washability please keep the pressure, the temperature or the time of the fixing application recommended by FOREVER.
  • The Clam shell presses usually have less pressure, that’s why it is necessary to increase the press time.