Forever Laser Dark (No Cut) A Foil and B Paper-PRO recommended settings

This works as a base setting, play around with timings as everyone's physical pressure is different.

In step 4 of the Forever Transfer RIP:

  • Fill-up spot up to: 180-200% coverage (in the transfer RIP)
  • Multiplicate spot by: a factor of 1.00
  • Underfilling: 1-2 device pixel
  • Always tick partial transparency pixel

In step 5 of the Forever Transfer RIP:

  • Print your image in mirror

A Foil:

  • Always check that you are going to print onto the correct side of the A Foil. Make sure you are printing onto the matt side.

Heat press and application settings:

  • Set the press to 140-145 degrees.
  • Pre warm the lower platen on the heat press for a few seconds before the first transfers of the day.
  • Pre warm the B Paper Pro under the press for about 10-20 seconds.
  • Select a medium pressure on heat press (3-4 bars).
  • Place a sheet of protection paper on to the platen.
  • Place the A Foil on top, Printed side face up.
  • Place the B Paper Pro on top of the A Foil with the logo side face up.
  • Place a sheet of protection paper on top of both papers to protect the heat press from any glue residue.
  • Press the A Foil and B paper Pro together for 90 second press (transfers with a large print area may need an additional 30 seconds press time).
  • Hot Peel - peel apart the transfers in a low, slow and smooth motion keeping the papers on the press.
  • Cut around the transfer on the A Foil to avoid any glue marks.
  • Pre press your garment for 5 seconds to flatten fibres.
  • Position your transfer on your garment, cover with a sheet of protection paper and press your A foil Transfer to your garment for 30 seconds. 
  • Cold Peel - Once the transfer is completely cool peel as close to the garment as possible. Keeping tension between the paper. Peel as though you are folding the paper on itself and roll away from you.
  • Press with matt finishing paper for 30 seconds.
  • Let it cool and then peel off the finishing paper.


Tips & Tricks:

  • To check that you are printing onto the matt side of the A Foil you can look at both sides, one side is glossy and the other is matt. If you are unsure you can scratch the surface, the side that comes off is the side that you need to print onto.
  • Store the B-Paper Pro correctly. Keep the paper in an air tight bag to reduce the chances of moisture from getting into the paper.
  • Pre-warm the press bed when completing the first couple of prints of the day. It is essential that the press is at the right temperature for the transfers, so make sure that the bottom platen is warm.
  • Pre-warm the B-Paper to remove any moisture that has made it's way into the paper. This will remove any excess moisture from the paper. You can identify if the B- Paper Pro has excess moisture by placing a sheet of the paper on the workspace in front of you, if the paper is curled at the edges it means that the paper has excess moisture within it. When placing the paper under the press to pre-warm you should notice the paper flattening out, meaning that the excess moisture has been removed from the paper.
  • Because there are so many different heat presses on the market and even heat presses of the same brand can differentiate in the actual heat and pressure applied to the garment. It is essential that you set up your own transfer application parameters on your heat-press. Depending on the heat and the pressure of your heat-press, the transfer time can be between 10 to 15 seconds more.
  • The Clam shell presses usually have less pressure, that’s why it is necessary to increase the press time.
  • After completing the marrying process of the A Foil and the B Paper Pro complete the Hot peel in a low, slow and smooth motion. Don't remove the media from the platen whilst peeling or be too slow when separating the A and B papers. Otherwise the adhesive dries too quickly and won't stick.
  • Get a feeling for the media. Know when you can let the media unroll itself.
  • Always press with matt finishing paper, without this your transfer will wash out straight away.
  • If you see speckling on your garment after the transfer process follow the settings in this article as a guideline to improve transfer results.