DTF Xpress film placement

A guide to successfully position the DTF Film ready for printing.

  • Anti-Slip pad

Place the DTF Xpress Antislip pad on the printer platen.


  • DTF Transfer Film

Place on top, the DTF Xpress Transfer film on the platen with the matte side facing upwards.



  • The DTF Xpress Anti-slip pad keeps the film flat and steady. If your platen, though, is not cleaned properly, the Anti-slip pad may move during printing. For that reason, you can clean with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) both sides of the pad, plus your platen surface.
  • If you are not equipped with the Anti-slip pad, then, you can use tape to secure the film in place.
  • Auto Height Adjustment

Perform the Auto Height Adjustment process, in order for your design to be printed with precision and sharp details.