DTF print: Transfer the print to the garment

A guide to successfully apply a transfer to a garment.

  • Transfer

Press the garment for 5 seconds, so it flattens out and humidity from the fibres evaporates.

Place the "baked" DTF Xpress transfer film with the printed side facing downwards over the garment and transfer it using medium to heavy pressure.


Press for 10-15 seconds at 160oC (320F).

Caution: Cover the film with protection paper prior to pressing it.

Allow at least 20 seconds for the garment to cool down, before peeling the DTF Xpress transfer film off.


If after peeling the film there is some leftover powder on the perimeter of the design, repress the design for an additional 10-20 seconds, so it can melt away. Using protection paper.

Tip: DTF is a time saving technique as you can print your designs on the film and store them for future use. This way, you can transfer the print on a garment later on, depending on your production and customer needs. For best results, though, we recommend on transferring the print within two weeks time.