Digital factory: DTF printing guide

A guide on how to successfully set up a print job in the RIP Software.

  • In order to use the newly released DTF print modes you must update your printer driver in Cadlink DFAPE v10 software. DTF is compatible with TexJet echo2, TexJet shortee2 and older models running Cadlink Digital Factory Apparel v10 Polyprint Edition.
  • Artwork

Upload your design in the DTF print queue and make the adjustments of your choice.
  • Print Mode

Select one of the DTF Transfer print modes, according to the substrate's colour you will be transferring to, and your image will be automatically mirrored (since it's going to be transferred to a t-shirt later). 

DTF Xpress Digital Factory Software Screenshot


  • For CMYK solid designs, a white layer isn’t necessary. A 10% white ink layer could be added when there are gradients present or the user wants a truer representation of the design (depths, shadows, colour fidelity, etc.).
  • If printing on dark polyester or heavy weave garments, increase up to 50% the white underbase. It is highly recommended to use the 2p Colour Production mode, so the colour and white don’t mix and have adequate time to dry, so no bleed occurs.
  • Printing

Print your design on the DTF Xpress transfer film. CMYK colours are going to be printed first and then the white underbase will follow.