TexJet Echo 2 Cleaning the Wiper Blade

How to properly clean the wiper blade after a day of production.

  • At the end of each printing day, an exact Maintenance routine must be followed in order to ensure the smooth operation of the printer. During production, the printer builds up ink residue and sometimes fibres can gather after multiple prints.

    • The parts that need to be maintained and cleaned frequently include the wiper blade.
  • Cleaning the Wiper

Build up on the wiper blade will stop the wiper from cleaning the print head properly.

  • From the right side of the printer, turn the gear anticlockwise to release the wiper.

Using a swab and cleaning solution, clean both sides of the wiper blade. A build-up of old ink on the wiper blade can make it look like there’s a green glow, the wiper blade should look an opaque black/ almost brand new once cleaned.

Release wiper and cleaning wiper