TexJet Echo 2 Weekend Maintenance After Printing

How to properly complete the Weekend Maintenance, when the printer is going to be inactive for more than 1 day. A step-by-step guide that will help you perform the Weekend Maintenance with ease.

  • First, complete the Daily Maintenance Procedure, up until you select a Maintenance Mode. 

For Weekend Maintenance select option 2 by pressing the Platen Down Button and then press the Home Button.

  • Saturating the capping station

This procedure is necessary when the printer will not be used for more than 1 day but less than 1 month.

When entering Weekend Maintenance mode, written instructions will appear on the Platen Control Panel that will give you guidance on how to correctly perform the Weekend Maintenance procedure:

  1. Turn the gear at the side of the printer anticlockwise to release the Printhead. wiping-cleaning-1
  2. Fill the Capping Station with Cleaning Solution, make sure both caps are full and holding the liquid. Capping-station-filling-process
  3. Press the Home button to continue.
  4. Move the Printhead back to it's home position over the Capping Station and turn the gear clockwise until it's locked. Press the home button to continue.
  5. The printer will then turn off.