TexJet Echo 2 Wake Up Procedure

How to properly power on the printer every day so an uninterrupted workflow can be achieved. A step-by-step guide that will help you perform the wake-up procedure with ease.

  • At the start of each printing day, an exact wake-up routine must be followed in order to ensure the smooth operation of the printer. After powering on the printer, written instructions will appear on the Platen Control panel that will give you guidance on how to perform correctly the wake-up procedure:



  1. Power on the Printer.Power on.
  2. After the Printer has checked the environmental conditions, press the home button (8). Control Panel
  3. As prompted, open the Ink Cartridge Cover.Closing cover
  4. Remove the Ink Cartridges, following the correct steps for your type of Cartridge. 
  5. Gently shake the cartridges for 1-2 minutes.Agitating ink cartridges
  6. Place each cartridges back into it's respective slot, make sure the Ink Cartridges are gripped properly by pushing the cartridge from the front until you hear a click.
    correct slots not blurry
  7. Close the Ink Cartridge cover.
  8. Press the Home button to continue (8)
  9. Bypass the Notice display screen by pressing Proceed, Proceed and Yes.Bypass Non-Genuine ink cartridges for articles
  10. Check the Maintenance Cartridge Level. If the indication is low, empty the cartridge and reset. 
  11. Perform a Head Cleaning. If you are completing the first print of the day, perform a Heavy Head Cleaning. 
  12. Print a Nozzle Check to monitor the Printhead's condition. Good Example Nozzle check
  13. Check the Pattern. If there are any gaps, perform an additional Head Cleaning.

After the correct execution of the above steps, the printer is ready for use.