The print head is leaking ink and dripping ink all over the garments?

The print head was damaged by crashing into shirt plate, print bed etc. Order replacement print head.

The capping station is dirty and either not cleaning the print head completely or adding more debris to the print head and causing fibres and debris to collect ink and ooze or drip ink. Thoroughly clean the capping station. Debris or shirt fibres collected on print head as well as print head carriage. Using the reflection from the print bed gently clean the bottom of the print head and remove any debris, dried ink and fibres. Too much ink in the cartridges If your cartridges are filled too much with ink, there could be too much pressure in the cartridge ink lines and the ink is forced out of the print head.

The cartridges should be filled below maximum ink limit. Altitude can have an effect. High altitudes can also have an effect on the “pressure” in the system. If you are having an unusual amount of problems and are in high altitudes, don’t fill the system too full and try adjusting the height of the system. The printer is not level Not levelled printer has as result not levelled cartridges. This can also have an effect on the “pressure” in the system. Check your printer if it is well levelled. Faulty cartridges Change cartridges Please contact service personnel. The dampers are faulty or exceeded their period of time. Order replacement dampers Please contact service personnel. Always check height of print head prior to printing. Clean the capping station on a regular basis. Clean debris from print head daily. Keep your printer levelled. Don’t fill too much the ink cartridges.