TexJet Echo 2 Check the Maintenance Cartridge Level and reset if necessary

How to check the maintenance cartridge level and reset if necessary

  • Check the maintenance cartridge level and reset if necessary

When the level is low, it indicates that you need to empty and reset the maintenance cartridge, because the used cartridge is running out of space.

  • To check waste cartridge level, tap on the drop icon on the Printhead Control panel. Maintenance levels-1
  • Maintenance cartridges can be reset until they reach 80%. If you can see more than half of the bar is white, empty and reset the maintenance cartridge:

Look at the ink levels on the top screen of the printer, also known as the Printhead Control Panel. 

Look at the furthest bar on the right hand side. 

Check the level of the maintenance cartridge, the more white you see the fuller the maintenance cartridge and the more yellow you see the emptier the maintenance cartridge. 



  1. Send the Platen inside by pressing either the Start Position button (8) or the blue button seperate to the control panel. 
  2. Make sure the Printer is in READY TO PRINT state.
  3. Open the Maintenance cartridge cover.
  4. Remove and empty the Maintenance cartridge, avoid getting the chip on the side of the cartridge wet when emptying the waste ink.
  5. Reset the Maintenance cartridge using the resetter. Hold the resetter to the chip until the light goes from red to green, this should only take a few seconds. 
    Maintenance Cartridge Reset
  6. Open and close the ink cartridge cover.
  7. Re-insert the Maintenance cartridge back in to it's initial position.
  8. Open and close the ink cartridge cover once again (this will force the printer to check the ink cartridges allowing it to read any new maintenance cartridges).
  9. The Maintenance cartridge level should then show as completley yellow again.
  10. Otherwise repeat this process.